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Caution: Homeowners’ Insurance Usually Doesn’t Cover Flooding

Having a home is something everyone dreams about. Since we were all little kids, at some point in our lives, we imagined building our dream home and living in it happily ever after with our family. But the reality is having a home is difficult. Not only does it take a long time but it costs a lot too. Apart from basic costs of a house such as construction and mortgage, people often look to get home insurance as well. Home insurance allows you to be protected against certain risks and damages related to your home. However, a common occurrence that is surprisingly not covered by home insurance, is flood.

What Isn’t Covered
Flood is a common occurrence in specific places around the world, yet it is not covered by home insurance. In fact, if you want to get flood insurance, you will have to pay extra. On top of that, flood insurance has a lot of eligibility requirements and exclusions. You can find details about home insurance from

Some of the following damages that arise from flood are not covered:

  • Damage that is caused by moisture, molds, or mildew which could have been avoided. Moisture damage that is not identified as being caused by the flood is also not covered.
    • Damage if the earth moves, even if the earth moves because of the flood. This includes movement such as landslides.
    • Living expenses during repair of the home, such as a temporary shelter is not covered by home insurance.
    • Property and items or belongings that is outside of the insured building such as hot tubs, swimming pools, decks, patios, etc. This may vary depending on the policy.

If you live in a flood-prone area, it might be a good idea to look at your options. While floods aren’t covered in basic insurance policies, you may be able to get approved for additional coverage that encompasses flood. Check with your insurance provider when consulting.

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Common Sense Advice To Avoid Having Your IG Password Hacked

The issue about Instagram hacking had caused millions of users to panic especially to companies that utilizes Instagram as a marketing strategy. If you think that only those professional hackers can access your social media accounts then you’re wrong because you don’t need to have the knowledge and experience in hacking instead you only have to look for an effective hacking tool that you can easily find online.

What to Do to Protect Your Account from Hackers?
Dealing with the hackers is ever that easy because they can do the attack anytime. You have to be prepared and as much as possible protect your account right away before they start stealing information from you or monitor your activities. Try to look for ways to get away from an IG password hacker by simply following the steps below.

  • Your password is indeed very important so it is advisable that you come up with a strong one.
  • You can be more protected against hacker if you will turn on the 2FA or two-factor authentication.
  • Decline suspicious third-party applications.
  • If you normally open your instagram account using other devices, then you should never forget logging out from that device. Closing the browser is not enough to log you out and you should not check the “Remember me” button.
  • Always keep your password private. Never tell it to your family and even to your closest friends.
  • It is a good idea if you will think of changing your password from time to time yet just make sure that you won’t forget it.

Considering these tips can somehow protect you from hackers that might access your account. Remember that you have to secure all the information in your account if you don’t want the hackers to use it against you.

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Practical And Convenient: A Magento Store Locator Extension

When it comes to improving your business location on the map, you may have to add features and make the map location visible on search results. This marketing technique requires analytics and additional optimization to existing website and the map location profile. By going to the map location profile, you would be able to see different options on how you can optimize the search results.

Keyword targeting as a strategy
The keywords being used to search for your business on the map must be carefully analyzed and looked into. There are analytics and reporting that are available online for you to have access on the keywords and its performance and trends on similar industries or the same location. Keyword targeting is a strategy wherein you will align your map location’s presence to certain popular keywords that are being used to search for your business. By using the magento store locator extension on your web hosting tool you would be able to integrate the analytics on your location profile, so that your store can be easily found on the map.

Easy to use store locator extension tools
The extension tool is simple to use, and is a convenient way of boosting the search results by having geo-tagging feature on the store locator protocol. This makes it easy for any online user to search your business location on the map because it will not only appear when your business name is typed on the search field but would also appear on keywords being searched that are relevant to your business.

The mechanism behind this is similar to ad bidding but with the use of the extension tool, you will be banking on the relevance of your map location to the targeted keywords.